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Walk-in Climate Chamber for Full Automotive
The walk-in climate chamber for full automotive is according to the whole vehicle (car, light truck) environment test performance test work state, after the heat preservation and heat insulation treatment, uses the appropriate ventilation
Automotive Parts Sunlight Simulation Test Chamber
This product is manufactured according to the user request , referring to the technical requirements of GB2423 [1] .02 high temperature test method, GB2423 [1] .01 low temperature test method, GB2423 [1] .03 constant damp heat test method, GB2423 [1]
Temperature Humidity Chamber for Auto Parts
Temperature humidity chamber for auto parts can accurately simulate the natural environment of low temperature, high temperature, high temperature and low temperature cycle with different humidity range
Environmental Chamber for Automotive Testing
This Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing is suitable for the testing full automotive and full vehicle as well as trains.
Sunlight Simulation Chamber for Vehicle Parts
Sunlight simulation chamber for vehicle parts is used for automotive interior parts test such asIP, DP, Cockpit, CNSL, ashtray, air outlet, etc.Temperature & sunlight simulation test chamber is also suitable for quality inspection and materials screening
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